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Single Review: “Spider” by Christine Greyson



Electronic folk singer Christine Greyson has released her new single “Spider.” It is the first song off her upcoming darkwave electronic EP, set to be released in 2023. “Spider” is a song that will best be enjoyed by those who enjoy listening to electronic, folk, and goth music. 

“Spider” is dominated by synths, making for a listening experience where listeners will appreciate production value. The synths fit well together and create a cohesive sound that will allow all listeners to remain invested in the song from start to finish. It is a mid-tempo track with a haunting feel, which its lyrics can back up. For example, the lyric “Make you think you’re losing your mind” is one line that will likely be remembered by listeners even after the song is finished. Most importantly, “Spider” showcases Christine Greyson’s true artistry. One can tell that much passion and emotion went into the making and recording of this track, and that Christine Greyson is an artist who makes authentic music. They are meant to be listened to by those who can relate to the lyrics and appreciate the sound. 

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