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‘Skylar Moon’ on his way to Soundscape



For artist Skylar Moon, music is a journey of self-expression. Practicing many years in music industry and working hard developed into a full-blown fascination for writing, creating and expressing his inner thoughts and feelings. The electronic soundscape is a reflection of the lyrics, combining hip hop and chill-out genres. He says ‘I know that luck is going to hit me at the right times’ summarises the sentimentality of being young and free, while a promising future lies ahead.

The music industry has embraced Skylar Moon with a personality and character with witty melodies and hooks that make him unique. The determination and goal-setting mind state is being successful in seeing others he watched around his community become somebody and make a name for themselves. He formed a sound that has caught the interest of many musicians and made Skylar Moon a versatile artist on the come up.

He has been doing music all his life and does not believe he will ever stop. This was not an easy journey however. He, like many artists, struggled with staying dedicated to his music and never giving up. It’s hard to put yourself out there but Spades Smoove knew he had a special talent that he needed to share with the world. He gets musical inspiration from many places including artists , but also his main inspiration is himself. He inspires himself to be the best he can be and that is reflected in his music.

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