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Snatched Beverly Hills, The Luxury Cosmetics Procedure Spa That Hollywood Can’t Get Enough Of



Snatched Beverly Hills is a unique Beverly Hills based cosmetics procedure spa, operated by best friends and business partners Sadiyah Karimi and Ani Malkhasyan.

The pair first met after obtaining their nursing degree from West Coast University while working in the same ICU. Going into the high-pace, high-stress environment together allowed the two to become close friends. Soon after, Sadiyah and Ani decided to pursue their Masters in Science of Nursing together. During their schooling, they discovered they both had similar work ethics and a keen eye for detail. “Working & learning alongside one another was such a crucial step for us as future business partners even though at the time we had no idea. It gave us the chance to objectively work with one another and explore each others’ working styles freely without any pressure,” Sadiyah and Ani explain. “Now we own & operate one of the most prestigious cosmetic clinics in Beverly Hills,” they continue.

The pair founded Snatched Beverly Hills in January of 2020 due to a lack of ‘natural’ cosmetics procedures available, and noticed others felt the same way: the procedures others had done were often very evident and unnatural. Addressing this problem, Ani and Sadiyah decided to get licensed in cosmetics and devoted much time and effort into designing their own specific niche of techniques.

With their extensive medical background and love of beauty, their business was set up for success. Despite COVID-19 shutting down the world only months after opening, the duo decided to continue to follow their passion. News of the up-and-coming business spread rapidly, and within the first six months of opening they had bookings filled until the next year. Ani and Sadiyah elaborate, “We started seeing a realm of clientele that had never gotten any cosmetic work done previously until they found us & this was really assuring that there is a huge market for seamless work that boosts your confidence completely undetectably.”

Snatched Beverly Hills has been dubbed a “candy land of machinery” by loyal customers due to the wide variety of services offered. Each client receives a personalized beauty regimen to fit their specific needs and concerns, which often begins with prepping the skin.

These skin tightening and lifting treatments include Morpheus 8, CO2 LASER, Microneedling, PRP for under eye and hair loss, resurfacing, chemical peels and advanced radio frequency treatments. By nourishing the skin and reducing fine lines before any advanced skincare treatment is done, Ani and Sadiyah can complete a thorough pre-assessment to determine what the best course of treatment is for delivering a natural procedure. “Skin is the most important feature of the face & we have made it a protocol to not ignore it. It is the canvas on which we work on,” they emphasize.

Snatched Beverly Hills was named #1 consumable Morpheus8 providers in all of California. Morpheus 8, first popularized by the Kardashians, is a one-of-a-kind microneedling procedure that utilizes radio frequency. Normal microneedling encourages collagen production, which promotes anti-aging, but combined with radio frequency, Morpheus 8 also triggers skin thickening and tightening. During the process, platelet rich plasma (PRP) is injected, which includes many of the same proteins found naturally in blood.

Another popular procedure Snatched Beverly Hills offers is called Forma. Forma is an FDA approved skin and tissue remodeling device, complete with a subdermal heating applicator. The pain-free process is designed to promote collagen and skin elasticity.

Ani and Sadiyah make it clear that their intentions of offering cosmetic surgery is only to enhance the natural beauty of their clients. They also make sure to show real, unedited ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of work they’ve previously done, so that clients know what to expect. “We want to assure that your cosmetic goals align with ours. We don’t promote or promise perfection. We always want to give you the best version of your own unique beauty. Our motto & approach simply put is ‘yours, but better,’” the duo explains.

In a male-dominated field, Ani and Sadiyah have reached new heights of success that goes far beyond their own personal success. “It allows us to really send a powerful message across that as a female in a male dominated field, as a nurse in a doctor dominated specialty, as a newbie in a field that promotes decades of experience it is possible to succeed,” they express.

For more information on Snatched Beverly Hills or to book an appointment, check out their website.

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