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Sneaker Rack Is One Of The Top On The Rise Companies



Jonathan Mathews is an entrepreneur with a knack for kicks. He is the owner of a top tier sneaker spot called Sneaker Rack. His company specializes in selling the public the most coveted sneakers. Not only do they sell shoes, but they also have their own clothing line called RACKEDUP for men and RACKEDUP SHAWTY for the ladies. The idea for the business was born during the time of the pandemic. Jonathan is a reseller who knew what product he specialized in. Which happen to be shoes. He was able to resell on sites such as GOAT and StockX and noticed how much revenue he was able to funnel in.

After seeing how much fees were associated with reselling on these sites he decided to create Sneaker Rack so that he did not lose out on money and could grow on his own. Having clothes that match your shoes go hand in hand so designing clothes came shortly after. He is a super go-getter and runs his business while also managing music artists. He has major goals. Soon Jonathan wishes to open a store so that the public can come visit Sneaker Rack in person and get the full experience. His hustle drives the brand. That is why he will be a successful individual throughout this industry. Make sure you check out his site and shop with him before he launches his first physical location. You will not be disappointed. His content is professional and his customer service is impeccable. 

Sneaker Rack Website

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