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Social Media Expert Daniel Pessin is changing brands for the better



Digital Marketing Expert Daniel Pessin is helping brands with their personal growth and is becoming a hot commodity 

Daniel Pessin is an up and coming digital marketing expert from Philadelphia, PA. His entrepreneurial ventures have landed him much success in the social media realm. Social media platforms have been known to create successful careers for individuals. Instagram is the most pivotal platform to date. Considering the amount of users the platform has. Instagram growth for brands and Individuals has become high in demand. Especially when brands are seeking a verification check. Being a digital marketer on Instagram has a lot of obstacles and a lot of gains. Obstacles being competition and gains being that over 500 million users actively use Instagram so the people you can make are endless. 

Daniel has to not only market himself, but be able to appeal to the millennials. Daniel helps his clients grow their engagements swiftly and authentically. Daniel continues to grow his platform and wishes to work with celebrities in the near future. Landing many versatile clients he is positive that he can make a huge impact with independent brands as well as celebrity clients. You can reach Daniel via Instagram and discuss campaigns that are designed exclusively for your brand’s growth. 

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