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Social Media Marketing Mogul and Entrepreneur Justin Liwen’s Young Success



Digital marketing and e-commerce have been all the buzz the last 2 years, stemming from the popularity of new figures emerging on YouTube and TikTok strongly advocating for work in those space. But just how hard is it to build a sustainable career online? Today we showcase 18-year-old Virginia Native Justin Liwen’s success story, and what enabled him to build his own career so early on in life.

Liwen lived the normal teenager life, going to school, playing sports, and going out with his friends. Finding himself intrigued by the extensive reach social media readily provides, he decided to pursue a career in it. However, he wanted more control than being an influencer. Liwen loved all the aspects of being a digital creator but not the unpredictability for a career as one. Noting, “Being an influencer is difficult, it’s a tough career to pull off because you need your pay to come from brands. Seeking out paid collaborations is way harder than finding potential clients.” This is when his agency Feuhle Media was born, providing different forms of social media marketing and public relations services to clients for over two years now.

When asked about what led to success and sustainability Liwen noted “it’s about sustainability and enjoyment, you want to ask yourself this before starting your business. Is my service sustainable 1,5, and 10 years from now? And is this what you really want to do?” Providing further clarification, he wanted to point out that going down the entrepreneurial route requires immense time and dedication. This requires a plan for your future and all your time, it’s important to dive into a venture you truly explore. Liwen is a strong advocate, especially for peers his age struggling to find a future they want, to start something of their own. Liwen feels that a lot of kids underestimate the freedom given while growing up, saying “Having the freedom to explore options and make mistakes is a privilege to have, the older you get the responsibilities add up. The window to freely make those mistakes gets smaller by the day, don’t waste it.” Recognizing that success is possible to build at a young age, Liwen attributes this to much of what he’s built.

Liwen is anexemplary result of hard work paying off, finding no excuse with age to limit his possibilities. First building Feuhle Media at age 16, 2 years later just now starting his adult life with his career built all himself is a proud feat to have. Moving forward, Liwen looks only grow Feuhle Media into more field, including high profile political advertising and wealth fund management for musicians.

For more information visit Justin Liwen’s website or connect with his social media linked below.


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