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Song Review: “Art of the Bleed” by SAVARRE



“Art of the Bleed” is Savarre’s 2020 track, produced by Alex Venguer, Dylan Glatthorn, and the lead vocalist Shannon Denise Evans.

Savarre has been active in the streaming scene for only two years now, so it’s impressive to see all the traction and love they are getting from the audience and critics. Always brought to comparison with the likes of Evanescence, Kaleo, and Fiona Apple and St. Vincent, to name a few, Savarre is undeniably building an exceptional reputation in the music business. The highlight of “Art of the Bleed” is arguably its chorus. For roughly the first 90 seconds of the song, listeners hear an opening instrumental followed by a first verse and pre-chorus that are sung slowly. While the lyrics themselves have angst to them, the chorus is what truly allows this song to shine. With lyrics such as “Let your will bend/To the art of the bleed/Make me bleed/Make me bleed/I wanna bleed.” Considering the melody of the vocals, the lyrics, and the instrumentation, it is safe to say that SAVARRE has a fan favorite on her hands with “Art of the Bleed.” Driving with great zeal and sincerity, the track is indeed a perfect representation of Evans’ artistic linearity.

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