Asher Laub has released his new single, “Atlantis.” Asher Laub is a musician who provides a stunning performance in this song. Anyone who enjoys listening to instrumentals should definitely give “Atlantis” a listen. “Atlantis” experiments with sound, oftentimes trading in the sound of a traditional violin for a more electronic sound.

The beauty of an instrumental song is that it tells a story without even using any words. For three full minutes, Asher Laub plays his electric violin in various different styles. Sometimes he plays with force, letting out multiple notes rapidly, while other times, holding back. This is accompanied by a drum beat to make the song feel complete. Upon listening to the song, listeners will get the sense that “Atlantis” is the perfect name for this song. Given the song is constantly changing in tone, it invokes a sense of mysteriousness, just like the City of Atlantis. Listeners will also be able to associate this song with Atlantis by watching the music video, where they see Asher Laub performing oceanside.

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