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Song Review: “Breathe Slow” by Reina Subramanian



Reina Subramanian has released her song “Breathe Slow.” This song demonstrates Reina Subramanian’s immense talent and is sure to please anyone who enjoys listening to indie pop music. In addition, anyone who considers summer to be their favorite season will be able to relate to the lyrics in “Breathe Slow,” especially if they also have displeasure for winter. 

“Breathe Slow” begins with a synth and drum kit combination, an indication that the beat will be primarily electronically produced. As the first verse begins, listeners will hear Reina Subramanian admit, “I’m stuck in the summertime,” and sings about wanting to see a “cotton candy sunrise.” Soon after, she sings, “And you’re right here by my side,” indicating an element of romance to “Breathe Slow.” In the chorus, the beat picks up, and Reina Subramanian offers good advice: “If you’re running on an impulse, just breathe slow.”

Listeners will likely notice that “Breathe Slow” is Reina Subramanian’s debut single. With this song, she has proved her solid vocal abilities and ability to craft specific lyrics while being relatable to a mass audience. Listeners of “Breathe Slow” will likely want to return to this song and be on the lookout for future music by Reina Subramanian. 

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