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Song Review: “Summer’s Over” by Glassface



Visual artist Glassface, otherwise known simply as Face, has released his new song “Summer’s Over,” a collaboration with Naeem. It is Glassface’s third release of the year as a recording artist. He is otherwise known for the dozens of music videos he has created, including the RIAA platinum video for “1 Night” by Lil Yachty. However, “Summer’s Over” sees Glassface make waves on his own as an electronic artist. This song is worthy of a listen from anyone who appreciates electronic music and enjoys experimentation in music, whether electronic or any other genre.

“Summer’s Over” starts with mid-range, mid-tempo synths that will make listeners feel relaxed. Soon after, listeners will hear a period of heavy bass in the background. This heavy bass comes and goes depending on the moment of the song. The fact that this element is not present during every single second of the song differentiates it from many others and allows for a listening experience that has listeners always wondering what will come next. Lyrically, this is a song that features a strong sense of regret. This is emphasized by the chorus, with lyrics including “Summer’s over, didn’t see you at all/Back in my room used to dream of it all.” 

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