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Song Review “Talk On The Facts” Artist “Brando Bando”



Brando Bando has been an inspiring figure in the field of hip-hop music. His music is full of

entertainment and flows with energetic vibes. So far, he has released a complete album and several heartwarming single tracks.

Brando’s last music release “NO RAP CAP FREESTYLE” was in May last year. Just

when his fans are out of patience he came up with a bomb track titled “ Talk On The Facts”. The

song also features a music video available on YouTube.

Like his previous music videos, this song was also shooted by Sage English Visual. The video

features a group of people boozing, smoking, and rapping along with Brando Bando and his

partner, another rap artist FTO Dot.

To talk about the composition, “Talk On The Facts” is full of a powerful positive flow of energy

and rhythm. The rhythmic speech of both Brando Bando and FTO Dot is at a ferocious

speed with a high base tone and thrilling melody throughout the whole track.

As soon as you listen to the first few seconds of this track, you will get engaged with this head

banging track. The video choreography adds extra dope to enjoy this groovy and highly

energetic hip-hop rap song. The single is wonderfully made and is now causing quite a storm in

the music industry.

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