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Song Review: “When U See Me” by Jalyn Emil Hall



Rapper and actor Jalyn Emil Hall has released his new song “When U See Me.” It is a song that hip-hop and rap music fans should check out, as they will likely come to enjoy it. It is also a song for anyone seeking new catchy beats, new rappers with the flawless flow, and natural talent.

“When U See Me” opens with a beat that consists of an organ, bass, and synths. Listeners will first be introduced to his voice through his occasional humming along with the opening beat right before the lyrics begin. With the line “Don’t be caring about what you say,” listeners will recognize that Jalyn Emil Hall is carefree and does not want criticism from other people. In the chorus, his voice follows the melody of the beat. 

Starting with “I been on the edge so be careful when you see me/Cause I be quick to turn my head and walk the other way.” The catchy melody and memorable chorus make this song worth listening to. Still, it also summarizes the meaning of what you are hearing. Throughout “When U See Me,” listeners will be impressed by Jalyn Emil Hall’s ability to enunciate while delivering lyrics in an uptempo manner. 

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