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A True Self Made Artist From Wichita , Kansas



Souljahofdadub is a primitive example of a self-made artist. The thirty-nine-year-old comes from Wichita, Kansas, and spread his sound internationally.

Souljahofdadub’s single called “All I Ever Wanted ” rightfully surpassed twenty thousand streams on Spotify, a huge milestone for a young artist.

While making music is only a portion of the work necessary for the industry,
Souljahofdadub takes responsibility for everything. Souljahofdadub’s dedication to his artistry makes him an even better one.

He creates his own album covers, records his own songs, and markets independently. We at RedxMagazine had a chance to reach out to the independent rapper.

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before?

Souljahofdadub: I would describe my music as rap.
The beats usually have a melodic 808. I always try to find a catchy melody for my vocals. 

Who are some of your influences (artists or not)?

Souljahofdadub: I’m influenced by actually every song I listen to. The artist I’m musically most influenced by is definitely Meek Mill. 

You come from Kansas, how does this translate through your music?

Souljahofdadub: I only listen to Rap & R&B music. But I’m still inspired by Rap music sometimes. 

What do you think is your strongest attribute?

Souljahofdadub: I think it helped a lot that I made music for my whole life. 
I started playing the piano when I was twenty-five years old. I’m not the best singer and not the best producer but I do everything by myself

What makes you stand out from other artists?

Souljahofdadub: I’m quite diverse. I create all of my song covers, as well as my music videos and the mix and master of my songs
. I always try to promote my music without a lot of money. I prefer organic growth and I think numbers are not that important.
There are so many artists that only want to get as many streams as possible.

How has the pandemic affected your creative process?

Souljahofdadub: In the beginning, I had a lot of time and made more music than ever. At the moment
I don’t have a lot of time
because I have to work multiple jobs.

What’s your favorite instrument to include in your works?

Souljahofdadub: That’s definitely the piano. 

How do you connect with your fans?

Souljahofdadub: I mostly connect with them through My verified Facebook page.
I also upload music related To ONErpm music distribution
that performs pretty well.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

Souljahofdadub: I’m planning to release an album by the beginning of the year.
I’ll keep you updated on my Instagram about the details. 

No Dead End for Souljahofdadub 

With seven years under his belt, Souljahofdadub is anticipated to surpass his past work.
We look forward to seeing how he evolves into his second full-length album. Souljahofdadub has proven that independent artistry is an achievable path.

Check out his Spotify page to catch up on his past singles.Be sure to stay updated on the latest music trends through our news site.




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