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South FL rapper Chelzzz has been going very hard in the music industry and apparently going even harder in the streets, Chelzzz was arrested and booked into Broward County Jail on Friday night. She was allegedly charged with 3 felony cases of assault and battery. Chelzzz was released on bond so she could continue doing shows and promoting her upcoming album “Happy Birthday” dropping on 3/17/2023.

This isn’t Chelzzz first run in with law enforcement, which a reporter source has disclosed, “is the reason she’s shook about how things might possibly go down.” There is a very high chance that due to Chelzzz previous criminal history, she may be sentenced to some time in prison because of these charges. Never the less, this determined artist has been going hard, working to promote her upcoming album that she’s releasing on her 30th birthday. She’s remaining positive despite the circumstances and is using the mishap as a lesson and not allowing the stress to affect her. The artist has been very quiet regarding the incident as she has not wanted to come off as supporting violence. “I made a mistake, I’m not gonna let it shake me”.The new album will include 9 unreleased tracks and 2 tracks that have been previously dropped as leaks. Lift off and soulmate.

She has her 3rd album in the works that she’s dedicating to her fiancé, Allison. Because of the recent incident of Chelzzz catching a felony, their wedding that was scheduled to take place in Miami on April 1st 2023, was postponed to February of 2024. Reporters documented Chelzzz saying “I need to focus on here and now and can’t drag someone else into my mistakes. I’m sorry to everyone who was effected by my decisions.”

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Chelzzz is a rising Hip-Hop artist & Influencer located in South Florida. She is open to doing cross promotional events with businesses to assist one another in branching out to different communities.

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