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StatiK Engineering: Central Valleys Come Up Isn’t An Artist?



Johnny Lupian also known as StatiK Engineering is an exceptional Audio
Engineer/Entrepreneur from Central Valley. StatiK is not your average Audio Engineer. He also
specializes in management, Productions and Artist Development. StatiK has an amazing
musical background and has credentials to vouch for his knowledge as well. He used to attend
SAE, which is a music school in Los Angeles. SAE is an amazing school that holds courses for
creatives such as Animation, Audio, Creative Media, Film and Games. StatiK still has many friends from that school and they definitely help keep him inspired and keep him on track. His goal throughout his musical mission is not only to reap success, but to be noticed for his progress and growth throughout his fields of expertise. Soon StatiK will begin going legitimate with his own business/recording studio within the next few months. This is a huge milestone for his career. With his business starting he will be able to reach more creatives and assist them with their growth as well as their careers. Keep up with StatiK Engineering here on Instagram and do not be afraid to contact him for services.

Currently StatiK is working on managing an on the rise music artist who goes by the name “Ant”. His latest releases include “Sunset Drive”, “Never Last” and “Psycho”. Those records are now out on all musical platforms. His artist is an amazing vibe and caters to an alternative rock/rap vibe. Goes to show that even when it comes down to selecting artists to work with StatiK goes above and beyond and finds pure talent with a breeze.

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