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Stephen Piazza Offers A Deeply Moving Single, “Washed Away”



Stephen Piazza is a Christian musician who was born in Northern California (San Jose) before his family relocated to Central Valley (Modesto). He was brought up along a Christian foundation which has influenced his style of music that is meant to bring hope to the hopeless through the moving testimonies drawn from Piazza’s own life experiences. He found himself lost along the way and on the verge of collapse due to drug addiction and had a near-death experience on the 12th of June 2020, but God was there to save him, lifting him up from the depths of rock bottom to the heights of the man he is now (all Glory be to Jesus).

Piazza is now on a mission to restore lost souls back to the Father, and he is using his musical gift and real-life inspired lyrics that deeply resonate with a majority of listeners, and slowly but surely, his music is making an impact on massive listeners from all over. “Washed Away” is his 3rd release, and this inspirational track reaffirms his true belief in God, who washed away his sins by delivering him from the jaws of death as a result of drug abuse.

Jesus gave him a new start, and he conveys all this in this heartwarming track that has very warm instrumentation and is delivered passionately from his heart and soul. Operating between moments of calm delivery over the piano melodies and charged moments in the delivery of that deep chorus that is accompanied by equally strong instrumentation that exudes rock sensibilities is the story of this powerful track!

This track has an accompanying quality visual stunner that blends the appropriate actions and beautiful sceneries with the oceanic waves of water that underscore the “washing away of sin.” Blended with perfect precision, complementing this track’s message both in storyline and symbolism – such a magnificent body of work!

The video has so far amassed over 39K views on YouTube, with the numbers projected to rise even further. The melodies are ear worming, and the message behind the lyrics is so fulfilling.

To enjoy this track as you get inspired, follow the attached link, subscribe to Stephen Piazza’s YouTube channel, watch the video, like it and share it with others around you to spread this message!

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