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Stevotherapper: Is Not Your Typical Artist



Stevotherapper, was born in Haiti. He traveled to America with his family at the age of 5. He started making music within his freshman year of high school. He took music more seriously during his Junior year in high school. He makes great music that people enjoy listening to. Stevotherapper was always great at what he does. He started to learn how things worked after high school and got the hang of it eventually turning his passion into his career.

This artist saw past the norm, he made a difference and steered from the rest of the crowd. He was published in many articles and news sources, he has performed in crowds that have held more than one thousand people in attendance. He came from Irvington, NJ where not a lot of the youth made it out, he was lucky to continue his career path at 16 years old. He is humble, but he feels that people view others who are humble to be weak. Stevotherapper is able to put himself in other people’s shoes. He is easy going and understanding.

Stevotherapper, has many songs, but he knows for a fact that certain songs that he has will become a hit. All his songs are hits, but he saves his good tracks to drop at later dates and releases his hit records immediately for his fanbase. This business man has a plan up his sleeve. This humble artist is a strategic move maker when it comes to his releases and moves militant with his musical catalog. His goal for this year is to be more successful than last year, double up on his earnings, reach more listeners and to drop more content. He states “One thing I’ve learned is that you’ll be given empty promises, but you can’t let that stop you from still going out and getting it. Don’t wait around for others. Do you. Have fun.”





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