Focusing on Pop, Rock, Alt Rock, Indie Pop, and Indie Rock, Subtle Citizen, has created a catchy hook with funky melodies in the scene of Memphis entertainment group for a couple of years. Recently, on 9th December, they dropped their first EP album, “Wildfire,” with a runtime of 12 min 37 sec that shows their determination to win the music industry and take a warming place to the heart of music enthusiasts.

“Wildfire” starts with the song “While the World Burns,” written with an uplifting melody and plenty of guitar grooves that engage the listeners with catchy percussive arrangements. This track is inspired by 80s rock music with a touch of modern pop and successfully creates fun-like music that will instantly refresh your mind and soul.

The next track is written slowly to create an emotional yet uplifting groove. It sounds touching with the build-up between verses with beautiful rhythm play and delivers the ultimatum with the screaming voice at the chorus that certainly supports the title “Adore.”

Finally, the EP title track is the masterpiece that will take you to pay homage to this band. This track sounds quite different, with synthesizer melodies in the background and a constant flow of changing layers but remaining true with engaging vocal delivery. The catchy guitar groove makes it a perfect sing-along song that will rock any stage performance.

Subtle Citizen is greatly influenced by Elton John and David Bowie and follows modern music giants like Maroon 5, Daft Punk, and Moon Taxi. They are passionate about making music, getting in touch with fans, and having a great time.

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