Summer Coleman is the designer of the teen fashion line Ete’ Alexandrie. Sparked by an idea for a teen fitness collection, Summer decided to take matters in her own hands and design the collection herself. Now, she is gearing up for another debut of her line in September for New York Fashion Week. She recently took time away from her busy schedule to tell us how she got her start and her plans for the future!

Tell us how you got started in the Fashion Industry. 

I believe in 2020, during the lockdown, my mom and I were talking about the next New York Fashion week. We originally told another designer that they should do a fitness collection for teens and it would be a great line. The designer in question was Sherri Dvorkin Carter of Eye Candy Couture. She responded with maybe my mom or I should start the collection as it was our idea. From there she put us in contact with my now manufacturer and I sketched designs the next day after that conversation and the rest is history. 

What are the inspirations for your designs? 

I really design pieces based on myself. I sketch things that I personally would like to wear and things I haven’t seen incorporated into fitness wear and I go from there. No one wants to walk around with the same bra and leggings combo everyday. Some days I want to be very chill so I sketch designs around that and sometimes I want a little spice. I think also being on social media such as TikTok also helps me because it keeps me in touch with the things those of different age groups want. 

You are also a model. What do you love about modeling? 

I think ever since I was little, I loved dressing up and having on the cutest little outfits. Even though modeling can be very nerve wrecking, I find that when I am on the runway or I am at a photoshoot, I step into a new headspace. When I am in model mode, everything around me no longer matters and I just absorb the moment. When I am actively modeling, there is a sense of serenity for me which is weird because I am in front of hundreds of people at one time. 

If you could model for any designer (beside your own line) who would it be and why?

Definitely Victoria Secret. I have dreamed about wearing the angel wings and being in the same place that first brought my attention to modeling. I also love their bras and underwear! My first real bra came from Victoria Secret’s Pink. I would also love to model for Rihanna’s brand Savage x Fenty. I think her brand is surrounded by the idea of outfits for everyone and I love that. 

You have walked the runways all over the world. Where has been your favorite place to model? Definitely Florida. I have been going to Florida for years since I was a baby and it is my favorite place to be. I really love Miami in particular because of the culture, food, the places to have fun, and the beaches of course. I would like to model there again and turn it into another vacation experience. 

How do you balance school, fashion designing, and modeling? 

By the grace of God. Specifically looking back to this past school year, I managed 4 high school classes along with 3 college classes, and that by itself was enough. I went to prom this year, I was a part of student advisory, and I also worked. During all of that I went to New York twice this school year and modeled along with showing my line. I definitely couldn’t have done any of it without my mom, and my grandparents who worked as hard, maybe even harder, than me to get it all done. I am very thankful to God and my family to get it all done. Let’s just say every free moment I had went towards trying to juggle any one of those things. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

I see myself graduating from college in Nursing or Law along with my brand being an internationally known company. I also see myself modeling for different big name designers such as Versace and Prada. At that point I would like to be working toward or published in Vogue. I also see myself being cast in a teen series like Outer Banks or All American

Where can we follow you?

You can follow me on Instagram @summercoleman03, on twitter @summercoleman22, and tiktok @summercoleman064. To follow my brand Ete Alexandrie, the instagram is @ete.alexandrie

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