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Super Producer “TtheCartel” Is flooding the game with his next wave sounds



American Record Producer “TtheCartel” is from Southaven, MS & Graduated From Southaven High School. He began taking music seriously when he came in contact/ started working with “Finese2tymes”. Creating the record “Boom” & also Working with other artists like “Jucee Froot, NLE Choppa, Luh Kel, Benard Flowers, Que Hitta, Inc Jackboy, Oc Izzy, Kay Gwalla, and more Artists from his city, and Memphis.

 Describe the moment you knew producing was going to be permanent for you?

“When I made (Boom) For Finese2tymes, but he ended up getting locked up only like a month or 2 after. Once everything was established then the city started liking my music & craft even more. So with that motivating me and it kept me striving for more.

Name 5 Artists you would like to work with & why ?

“NoCap, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, & Pyrex Whippa. The reason I want to work on projects with them is because of their creativity & each one of them has a unique style of making music.”

 If you were to talk to some upcoming producers what are your top 3 pointers you would give them?

“If you don’t do nothing else make beats, and don’t stop because you would continue to get better as long as your in the studio working on your Craft you will get better and better every time you decide to make beats. Another one is network with & work with all the upcoming producers & artists because that will get your people in your city connecting with you and your music. Last but not least please make sure you are investing in you, find ways and little platforms to get your content posted on so you can start engaging with real supporters.”

  Tell us about to process of putting together your latest Album “Really Wreccin Shit”

“The process was real lit, from working with all the different artists on Getting Real Vibes & to Coming up with good music. I didn’t really tell anybody, but I engineered most of the songs on the project, But anyways, I feel like every artist on the tape is very talented. I was in & out of town working on the tape going to a couple studios out in Atlanta, GA.”

Tell us about the biggest accomplishment you’ve accomplished so far?

“Me Dropping my First tape,“Really Wreccin’ Sh!T” It turned out well with the process, and even had a great mixtape release party turn out. Shoutout my Team (RSL, @rsl_lowkey @honchojue @1oc_izzy @kay.gwalla @___deepee @thirdst_tmoney @rsl_tezzo @lil.teejay @SS_JayeMoney @_dptwo_ @__rslloco) they Helped on Bringing People out that Night so big shouts to them!!

Tell Us Some Upcoming things you want to accomplish before the year is over?

“I want to continue to stay in the studio & come up with new ideas and sounds just making my brand even better than it was before.”

It’s safe to say the future is very bright for Cartel. You can stay tuned in with super producer “Tthecartel“by following his instagram & checking out his music all linked below!

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