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Sweet Limb – Bringing A Retro Twist To The R&B Scene With Vibes



Sweet Limb, a talented musical artist, is a complete package when story-telling through his music. Re-inventing the R&B scene, Sweet Limb believes he can bring something new to the table with a retro twist. The contemporary R&B scene has much-unexplored potential that Sweet Limb intends to tap in.

With a handful of releases well-received by the fans, Sweet Limb explores the various parts of R&B music to bring out the absolute best in the musical world. His latest release – Fresh, has been well-received. Fresh has some experimental, catchy beats with vocals falling into hip-hop and neo-soul genres. Sweet Limb also mixes his lyrics to make them more relatable.

Sweet Limb loves to tell a story through his lyrics. All his songs get personalized with his lyrics. He is a storyteller and aims to tell a new story inspired by his life and experiences. His lyrics drive his music. Making R&B genre his own, Sweet Limb hopes to bring out more of his unique music to the world.

His upcoming EP ‘Vibes’ hits all the right notes with powerful music that fans love. Taking his artistry and musical passion to a new level of appeal, Sweet Limb has worked hard on his upcoming EP Vibes.

His experiences inspired many tracks in his new Extended Play, making his music relatable and fresh in the contemporary R&B genre. The old-school feel of the music Sweet Limb’s new EP Vibes strives to bring a smooth note in music while giving you catchy songs.

One of the new tracks in his EP Vibes, ‘Ketamine’ delivers a strong message on the significance of mental health. Sweet Limb’s personal experience with medical ketamine infusions in his mental health therapy gave birth to this song.

Another track that will appeal to the fans is Dip filled with smooth melodies from start to finish becoming an instant favorite with the fans. Sweet Limb has made the track Straight Up, a nod to the ATCQ fans. Kickstart song is full of deep lyrics and a thought-provoking message. Sweet Limb always tries to deliver a message and inspire his fans in their struggle.

Miguel fans or fans of Mac Miller will take a liking to the kind of music that Sweet Limb creates. Sweet Limb vocals work well with all types of instruments that lend a beautiful synergy to the melodic parts in the tracks. The music of Sweet Limb is ready to take you to the next level with songs layered with vintage boom-bap beats.

Sweet Limb is currently working on releasing his new Extended Play – Vibes, filled with powerful music and thumping beats making this a complete package. We certainly expect a lot more beautiful music from Sweet Limb in the future. His art of story-telling with his life-inspired lyrics makes for a powerful duo. When this combines with melodious music, the result is just an absolute delight for R&B music lovers.

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