She’s got style, she’s got grace—her voice is phenomenally sweet and sultry in this new record called Heartbreak”. The musical composition is juicy and fat, with a lush guitar and heavy synths, there’s genius behind the composition itself. Sylfronia speaks of the reason for not wanting to have a broken heart. She wants to be made love to but doesn’t want that broken heart. With a melting heart and poised for some pleasure—she thinks again as the way this love interest makes her feels falls down the pipeline. The lyrics to “Heartbreak” are very well composed, and the feeling you get from it is amazing. Check out Sylfronia King’s newest release on and don’t forget to support her new upcoming U.S Tour “Heartbreak” this summer!

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Sylfronia King is an American contemporary pop/rock/soul recording artist. King was born in the United States and moved to the Bahamas with her parents where she was raised until she returned to the United States when she was 12 years old, where she has since performed at Lincoln Center, galas, and for Hillary Clinton.

Sylfronia King’s beautiful secular music blends smooth vocals and sweet pop harmonies with contemporary Pop/Rock and worldbeat rhythms, resulting in a distinctive brand of conscious music and soulful sounds that uplifts and inspires. In these troubled times, King’s upcoming album “Heartbreak” is a continuation of her work to bring love, peace, healing, and enlightenment to the world through music. Sylfronia King looks up to Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Lizzo, Adele, Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, Pharrell Williams, Dua Lipa, Boney M, The Weekend, Miley Cyrus, Bee Gees, Madonna, and Blondie. Music became a part of her life as she followed in the footsteps of such vocal trailblazers.

When King decided to start recording, her vocal abilities, soulful voice, and haunting lyrics quickly drew a devoted following. Her music is influenced not only by pop and soul but also by rock and R&B. The melodic combination creates a distinct sound that captivates and transports her listeners. On stage, she appears larger than life, her music penetrating hearts and souls.

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