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T.A.M : The Chairmen Who Gives Hip Hop Artists Shares in his Company



Chairmen, Founder, CEO and Business Magnate Reuel-Azriel 

TAM Distro

TAM Distro is an independent digital music distribution service that puts your music onto streaming platforms. TAM principally offers artist, musicians, record labels and other rights-holders the opportunity to distribute, sell, and stream their music through online retailers such as iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Tidal, Deezer, iHeartRadio and others. With a three tier price structure. The group tier allows its subscribers to receive a free stock. Track Artist Music Group, Inc. takes advantage of direct to consumer listing rather than the traditional Public (IPO) offering.

Direct Listing

TAM Group, Inc. doesn’t want to participate in a public listing because they are a start-up company and it is imperative to omit the middle man, the underwriter, because of the needed available resources to pay underwriters. The company wants to sell their existing shares, without creating new ones, by doing this they will avoid lockup agreements. The preferential concern is to proceed by using the direct listing process.

Plan of Distribution

Since there is no underwritten offering, TAM Distro’s plan of action will include, instead of a registration statement, it will take a plan of distribution. In order to stay in compliance with the ordinary trading that would occur in the stock of a publicly listed company, the plan of distribution will narrow its giving of shares through its subscription platform as artist pay to distribute their music. A portion of the subscription fee will be applied to the purchase of 1 share in the company. This strategy is a strategy based on Equity financing where the company uses a process of raising capital through the sale of shares. By selling shares, they sell ownership in their company in return for cash, like stock financing. TAM’s ability to create and form equity financing for its company will result in artist’s ownership share in return for funds.

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