The Southern California based food company Tacos El Superior has opened four Drive-Thru Restaurants located in Azusa, Tehachapi, Landcaster and Palmdale. Starting out as a food truck based in Palmdale, CA in 2019, Tacos El Superior expects to expand once again with new locations in Sylmar and the Hawaiian Gardens in early 2023.
The Marroquin Family emphasizes hard work and consistent determination to building a successful business, but what is the key to their success? When building a successful company that prioritizes the customer’s experience, where does one truly begin? With so many moving parts to building a business, Taco El Superior gives us a deeper look at what it really takes to bring the business of your dreams to life.
When it comes to the food industry, one might think that the best ingredients or customer satisfaction is key to success. However, Tacos El Superior’s founder shares a different story. What truly guarantees the success of a business is the customer experience; it’s about creating memories. The best way to ensure this for every customer is the location, atmosphere and dining hall experience. Owning your own real estate is the biggest key factor in building long term success for any business owner.
Famila is what makes Tacos El Superior who they are, and how they carry their reputation. When guests come to dine at Tacos El Superior, they always succeed in crafting an experience that makes their customers feel like they’re part of the family. With the affordable prices they offer, high-demand menu and authentic Mexican cuisine, it’s a refreshing experience compared to other Mexican restaurant competitors. Whether you’re looking for a little taste of home or an authentic Mexican meal, Tacos El Superior is always the best choice. Many other Mexican fast food dining restaurants sacrifice the customer’s experience and food quality. Tacos El Superior is a company that’s proud to say that their customers’ expectations are kept at the top of their priority list, at all times.
Tacos El Superior is a restaurant that you can trust to bring the whole family to, relying on their brand promise to always deliver fresh authentic Mexican food each time. Their customers can always expect an immaculate dining experience full of friendly hospitality. With a cozy, family friendly environment it’s the perfect place to make memories while enjoying authentic Mexican cuisine. As the Marroquin family shows us, success comes from capturing the hearts of each & every guest.

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