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Tah Da Goat Is Dominating 2021. He May Finally Change The Music Industry



Tah Da Goat is a highly prolific rapper from Nyack, New York where not a lot of people make it out of the city. Tah Da Goat said “The only person I know that made it out by being an artist and actually known everywhere is my cousin Bishop Nehru”. 

Tasheme Scott, better known as Tah Da Goat was born on February 26, 1997 is the first born among four siblings. Tah Da Goat started his music career when his brother and friend Proper Einstein made a beat and asked him to come over the studio. He freestyle with the beat and fell in love with how the freestyle came out.

A couple of celebrity icon like Youngboy Never Broke again , Lil Baby , Polo G, Lil Tjay and Pop smoke inspired him.   There’s plenty of more but just want to name a few that come to mind first. These artists are very versatile and have their own sounds and are at the top of their game. A lot of people are comparing his to Lil Tjay and how he first started out. When he dropped his first project people are already comparing him to other artists. He is very versatile and can switch flows anytime he wants. Currently, he is still learning different techniques to be a better artist. He like to be himself and to go above and beyond when making music.

Tah Da Goat listed out artists he want to really collaborate with sure as Youngboy Never broke again. The reason why he want to collaborate with him is because he is very versatile and can switch his flow/ Tone and everything by just freestyling. He is one of the leader in this new wave right now probably at very top at only 21 years old.

We remember on his sweet 16. Tah Da Goat’s mother had a party for himof course. And she always tried to embarrass him by rapping a little freestyle she thought of in her head. He thought it was going to be trash but shawty really had bars and it surprised him. Like that kinda inspire him in a way to freestyle. The kind of music he makes is like a vibe song something you could listen to at a party or wedding but it’s something to calm the nerves.

If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?  

If I had a opportunity to open up for any mainstream artist  I’ll be grateful for a shot . I may only get that one shot , I’ll never waste it if I get it !

What is one message you would give to your fans?  

The message I would give my fan is you could do Anything you put your mind to . The Word “ Can’t “ isn’t in my vocabulary.  

Do you think the coronavirus has a big effect on you and the industry??

Yeah I believe it is because I was supposed to do my first show in the ATL but it got canceled because of the virus. The virus is making everything a tiny bit harder because it’s hard to find venues/ Arenas etc for shows that are open and ready to roll.

He Recently Just started making music at the end of 2019. He’s Barely a Year in the game and he’s making a big impact on the industry. He dropped his 1st EP Called “Forever Heartless “On Sep 4, 2020 and it’s doing great numbers right now. The top two songs that getting a lot of Recognition is “So Sick “ Ft his little sister  & Forever Heartless Ft Proper Einstein.  About a month ago I just dropped the “Forever heartless “video on YouTube. But once his video hits 10,000 views he’s going to drop the video for “So Sick “as soon as possible.

When are you going to drop another project??

My next project I’ll drop would be probably next month on my birthday . I’m not really sure if it’s going to be a project or a couple of singles. Right now he’s focusing on his craft and trying to blossom like the star he wants to be .  I have to keep the momentum going and give my fans what they truthfully deserve.To be honest I think 2021 will be a great year for me to come out my comfort zone and to evaluate my game to the next level .

“It’s crazy because I didn’t expect myself to be writing music or even being a artist  shoutout my brother Proper Einstein for putting me on game !!  I had hoop dreams man ..! “  

“I think I have the best producer in the city and he’s goes by JudoFlipChopX3 “

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Luxury Matchmaking Made Easy; Love By Eliza



“No matter of their social status, wealth or looks people are missing one

thing – love. A lot of the most beautiful women and the wealthiest men I’ve

ever met are unhappy because they don’t have love in their lives. Love is

the true meaning of happiness. This is why I started Love By Eliza. “

Eliza, an aspiring businesswoman from Latvia, worked her way up in

several industries while being a full-time mother of 2 kids. One of her

passions is being a mother, while the other is her business, “Love By Eliza

.”One of Eliza’s passions is traveling. While she was traveling, she fell

madly in love with the father of her children. She continues to travel with

her family around the world to places like New York, Miami, LA, and a large

portion of Europe. Doing this, she created a strong network of people

around the world.

Eliza has seen the challenges people have had finding their perfect match,

so she made it her goal to guide these people. She created “Love By Eliza

to cater specifically to billionaires and millionaires’ matchmaking needs.

She does this by thoroughly vetting each client. The goal is to fulfill your

needs on your 1st match. With Eliza’s strong intuition, she is able to get

people started on their love-finding journey the right way.

As an ex-model, mother, and businesswoman, she has the eye to pick the

correct clientele. She keeps in close contact with all of her clients to ensure

each one is getting exactly what they need from her services.

If you want your matchmaking needs fulfilled and are scared of

encountering fake or questionable people, you came to the right place!

Today, to ensure your spot in the luxury dating game, visit “Love By Eliza”

to start your love-finding journey!

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Squid Games Ireland: Entrepreneur Joe Doyle Says He Will Put Up €25,000 to Host The Games



Joe Doyle Squid Game

If you live on planet earth, chances are you’ve heard of Squid Game – the latest Netflix original show which is reported to be their most watched show ever. The show sees hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept an invitation to compete in children’s games for a tempting prize, but if they lose, they get shot dead. Now, entrepreneur and investor Joe Doyle, is offering to host the game in Ireland, and he has even vowed to pledge €25,000 towards the prize money. 

However, it seems that Mr Doyle is not out to murder people if they lose the game, he is more interested in helping self employed tradespeople become better business owners. Joe is the leading business coach for tradespeople in Ireland and he runs a training and online coaching program which is called ‘52 Steps to a Better Business’. He wants to run his own version of Squid Games for Self Employed tradespeople in Ireland. 

Speaking about the idea on his Facebook page via live video last week, Doyle said he would “bring them [contestants] in and I will show them everything they need to do to get their business to the point where it starts making decent money”. He went on to explain that contestants must have at least €10,000 in their bank account to take part and said that the last man standing would have their bank account topped up to €50,000, not bad! 

Judging by the video, it seems that contestants would have to follow Joe’s business program to win the prize. He said that this demonstrates the confidence he has in his ability to help people and believes that he may not even need to top up the winner’s bank account in the end because if they follow his business program, they will have tremendous success. Followers were quick to show their support in the comments.

Will Joe Doyle’s Squid Game go ahead? We’ll just have to wait to find out.
For updates, you can follow Joe on Facebook and all Social Media (@joedoyleentrepreneur)

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How Taking A Risk Allowed Neel Dhingra To Come Far In His Career



In business, many avenues could contribute to its success. Among them is the chance to take risks that could either lead to a hindrance or a groundbreaking development. Great risks often result in great outcomes for those who plan well and execute them efficiently. 

So when Neel Dhingra, a digital creator and leader within the mortgage and real estate industry, found an opportunity to take a risk to improve the industry he’s in, he took all the chances he could to learn from it and develop his actions until it bore positive results. 

Executing The Risks 

Neel has a different understanding of risks. He believes that it’s riskier not to try new ideas in business. More importantly, he partners his ideas with execution. He learned to commit first to the risk he was taking and then figure it out as he goes. 

This is how he started in all his business ventures and learned the most about business and marketing. This is also how Neel went about building a personal brand online, which he now teaches to others so they, too, can grow their business and income. 

“When I wanted to get started with content and wasn’t sure how to do video marketing, I just started. I made some really bad videos and then eventually got better,” he said. 

A thousand videos later, Neel became good at it. He committed to executing his plan, asked questions of experts who had done it before, and learned a lot from his actions. 

“I believe that learning by doing is a huge part of success,” Neel shared. 

Helping Others Improve 

Neel entered the mortgage and real estate industry because he has a genuine passion for helping people learn about money. Moreover, the industry allows him to earn a great living while making a positive impact on others. 

But there’s the main barrier to becoming a homeowner and that’s because of the lack of knowledge on how to obtain a mortgage and buy a real estate property. 

After 15 years in the industry, Neel was tired of the traditional ways that companies and individuals communicated with the public because he found it very transactional and revolved around short-term sales activities and advertising. 

He started to learn about marketing and personal branding which completely changed my business and life. He found out how rewarding it is to help other like-minded individuals within the industry learn how they could do the same. 

With the things that he’s learned about leveraging the digital space, Neel now helps others learn how to use personal branding and content marketing to grow their business and income. 

Learn more about Neel Dhingra at

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