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Tah Da Goat Is Dominating 2021. He May Finally Change The Music Industry



Tah Da Goat is a highly prolific rapper from Nyack, New York where not a lot of people make it out of the city. Tah Da Goat said “The only person I know that made it out by being an artist and actually known everywhere is my cousin Bishop Nehru”. 

Tasheme Scott, better known as Tah Da Goat was born on February 26, 1997 is the first born among four siblings. Tah Da Goat started his music career when his brother and friend Proper Einstein made a beat and asked him to come over the studio. He freestyle with the beat and fell in love with how the freestyle came out.

A couple of celebrity icon like Youngboy Never Broke again , Lil Baby , Polo G, Lil Tjay and Pop smoke inspired him.   There’s plenty of more but just want to name a few that come to mind first. These artists are very versatile and have their own sounds and are at the top of their game. A lot of people are comparing his to Lil Tjay and how he first started out. When he dropped his first project people are already comparing him to other artists. He is very versatile and can switch flows anytime he wants. Currently, he is still learning different techniques to be a better artist. He like to be himself and to go above and beyond when making music.

Tah Da Goat listed out artists he want to really collaborate with sure as Youngboy Never broke again. The reason why he want to collaborate with him is because he is very versatile and can switch his flow/ Tone and everything by just freestyling. He is one of the leader in this new wave right now probably at very top at only 21 years old.

We remember on his sweet 16. Tah Da Goat’s mother had a party for himof course. And she always tried to embarrass him by rapping a little freestyle she thought of in her head. He thought it was going to be trash but shawty really had bars and it surprised him. Like that kinda inspire him in a way to freestyle. The kind of music he makes is like a vibe song something you could listen to at a party or wedding but it’s something to calm the nerves.

If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?  

If I had a opportunity to open up for any mainstream artist  I’ll be grateful for a shot . I may only get that one shot , I’ll never waste it if I get it !

What is one message you would give to your fans?  

The message I would give my fan is you could do Anything you put your mind to . The Word “ Can’t “ isn’t in my vocabulary.  

Do you think the coronavirus has a big effect on you and the industry??

Yeah I believe it is because I was supposed to do my first show in the ATL but it got canceled because of the virus. The virus is making everything a tiny bit harder because it’s hard to find venues/ Arenas etc for shows that are open and ready to roll.

He Recently Just started making music at the end of 2019. He’s Barely a Year in the game and he’s making a big impact on the industry. He dropped his 1st EP Called “Forever Heartless “On Sep 4, 2020 and it’s doing great numbers right now. The top two songs that getting a lot of Recognition is “So Sick “ Ft his little sister  & Forever Heartless Ft Proper Einstein.  About a month ago I just dropped the “Forever heartless “video on YouTube. But once his video hits 10,000 views he’s going to drop the video for “So Sick “as soon as possible.

When are you going to drop another project??

My next project I’ll drop would be probably next month on my birthday . I’m not really sure if it’s going to be a project or a couple of singles. Right now he’s focusing on his craft and trying to blossom like the star he wants to be .  I have to keep the momentum going and give my fans what they truthfully deserve.To be honest I think 2021 will be a great year for me to come out my comfort zone and to evaluate my game to the next level .

“It’s crazy because I didn’t expect myself to be writing music or even being a artist  shoutout my brother Proper Einstein for putting me on game !!  I had hoop dreams man ..! “  

“I think I have the best producer in the city and he’s goes by JudoFlipChopX3 “

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BobbyJayTV – An Entrepreneur and Activist



BobbyJayTV – An Entrepreneur and Activist

Activist And Entrepreneur Personality BobbyJayTV

Who does not know BobbyJay TV who has stepped into the business industry without the support of
anyone and who has no business background? The road to success in the business world was not
smooth for him since he was not the son of a rich and reputed businessman. No one was behind him to
enlighten the way. Therefore, his focus was to change his destiny with his deeds. Bob Jacob is the
popular name of BobbyJay TV.
About personal life
In the Us, he is a popular and most influential African-American entrepreneur. He was residing in Liberia,
a Wartorn Country, but he migrated to another area to be successful and for a better living standard.
Getting all these things was not possible for him at that place.
He has launched his fashion brand in the Ugandan fashion industry. The 26 years old boy is famous for
his brand in the industry. Jacob’s fashion brands are the craze of the majority of men and women
because it is the source through which they can get a stylish and different identity. They like to change a
variety of dresses daily to attain a trendy look with the help of the brands. Branded accessories and
dresses are the demand of the majority due to the demand for modern style. His brand helps to
maintain people’s wardrobe uniquely. These branded wardrobe essentials can be put on in different
ways and various styles.
Ugandan fashion is one of the top brands and is known for its incredible attire of great value. They have
entered the market and now have a great establishment in more than twenty-five countries. It is known
as the powerhouse of Fashion. These are intended to grab consumer’s consideration and they will
always remember the appeal of these unique sorts of attire. These are enough to maintain your
personality in the way that you are looking hot and trendy. All his fans love to contact him on Instagram
because he is available for them on this platform.


As an activist, he is struggling for a cause and that is sex trafficking. He is fighting against this injustice.
BobbyJay TV has suffered a lot at his early age due to his poverty. Therefore, he is trying to work on this
As per BobbyJay TV, in the modern age sex trafficking is a curse. The majority of the people from poor
countries have been the victim of this crime. The government has issued several laws against this crime.
It is important to report against the criminals. Government workers are dependable because they are
completely well-aware of the legal formalities related to public rights. For having a long history of
defeating these companies of human trafficking, according to the rules and regulations, they are an ideal

choice for you. Children and teenagers are forced for services and labor without pay. It is similar to
servitude and slavery. They are cheated and used for the removal of organs and sex. BobbyJay TV is
raising voice against it.

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J Traxx: Is a Powerful and Underestimated Music Mogul Who is Making Musicians Famous Overnight



J Traxx is a musical mastermind born and raised in East St. Louis, IL. He is a Producer, Writer, Keyboard Player, Performer and Engineer. He is very talented when it comes to anything revolving around music. Since a young age he has been an avid keyboard player. At the age of 13 J Traxx was selected from hundreds of kids to personally perform for Oprah Winfrey and Laura Bush during a gospel fest in Ohio. This was just the start for others noticing his raw talent and gift with music. Since then he has opened for major artists such as Birdman, Nelly, T-Pain, Young Jeezy, Too Short and Webbie. He enjoys performing and has a presence on stage that is unmatched. He states “I feel no pressure when I’m on stage and producing does the same thing for me emotionally.” His influences come from God, his dearly departed mother and his father. Musically Michael Jackson is his biggest influence as well as other artists such as Busta Rhymes, Lil Jon, T-Pain, Nelly, Nas, Chris Brown, Usher and Ne-Yo. 

J Traxx has already seen a great level of success, but he is always driven and determined to accomplish more. This year he wishes to get one of his artists singles to chart on Billboard and

solidify new accomplishments within his business relations. Right now he is producing his artist “Louii Gurl Mommi” and working on the final stages of his own personal E.P. His goal is to work hard as an independent and make sure his brand is not ignored, but “sticks out like a sore thumb.” he says. His label Famous Overnight is original, independent and very accurate and detailed when it comes to the business side of things. His label is all genre friendly, accessible for the needy, with a consistent drive. Famous Overnight is a positive brand and label that focuses on encouraging Artists, Producers, Performers etc. They focus on having each artist develop appropriately while flourishing to their highest potential without losing their own personal identity. J Traxx is a lovable, friendly, respectful, comedic and compassionate individual who wants to see everybody win.


Business email

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Alex Harvell: Majestic Vibes Thrift & Style



Alex Harvell gets to tell his story about becoming a positive and spiritual individual, who has branded himself around his lifestyle

majestic vibes is really just a reflection of my life and style! I was pretty much raised by my grandparents so When I was coming up, they had a lot of records that inspired me & the idea majestic.

I was blessed to be around different music such as Motown soul, funk, rock, and blues!

It was amazing to see the different colors & style of clothing that each Artist would wear along with hearing the sounds they were composing as well! Artist like Jimi Hendrix and Bands like funkadelic both really helped me expand my mind and influence the ideas behind the Shop as well.

Another thing that inspired the shop was skateboarding & seeing how skaters were starting they’re own brands and living a different lifestyle then the “Normal Path” taken.

So by the time I was in high school, I was already integrated into the lifestyle I wanted and ended up leaving school & starting the process of a Entrepreneur & Voodoo child as Jimi would say.

In 2014 I started a foundation called Freebyrunning (@fbr.fxbg ) which is a Art & Mindfulness Platform for Youth & Young Adults in the Fredericksburg Area.
I started coordinating shows, performing and bringing together local vendors to show they’re work.

A lot of inspired came from Art shows I had & it was there for the first time I got to bring out & introduce Majestic Vibes to the world by vending at a Show I had called “The Awakening”.

I got to share some jewelry I made and other miscellaneous pieces I had. It was about putting my expression out there in a little place I knew was safe!

The other side of majestic is just life. The shop is inspired from my family + friends love & support.

My grandparents who taught me it’s not the color of one’s skin but the character of the individual that matters.

The individuality of my friends and Artist I’ve been blessed to meet and spend time with through the years.

Since starting the brand, I’ve come out with T’shirts & Tanks! & my inventory as expanded by A lot!! I’m proud of myself and I know more then ever that It’s bigger then myself! This year I plan on taking things to the next level with new merch , music, vlogs, giveaways & more!!

We got a live show series called “The Majestic Sound Experience” which is a art & music festival that is happening this year with the Foundation @fbr.Fxbg & we will be having a series of Pop Up Shops with Tour Attached as well !

Lastly we have the grand opening of Majestic Strainz
While us a new chapter of the shop that promotes healthy living & the benefits on marijuana + other herbs that help fight off cancer & other sicknesses.

A lot on the way this year & I’m just blessed to spread love & not give up on my passion !

Much Love

Founder / CEO (Based in Fredericksburg,VA)

– Alex Harvell

Alex IG : @nothingiseye._

MajesticVibes IG : @majesticvibes.__

MajesticStrainz IG : @majestic.strainz

Freebyrunning IG : @fbr.fxbg

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