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Tai Boogie: Captures Underground Street Culture Through His Own lens



Tai Boogie has been a serious topic in the Tri State area. He is a well known videographer who captures some of the biggest underground illegal street racing. Tai Boogie has been covering this culture for well over 10 years and has built its entire brand based around it. His content has helped him to gain over millions of viewers on all of his social media platforms. At first he started this passion as solely a hobby . Once he had graduated college he went the normal route and seeked your typical corporate job, but had no luck. Tai Boogie decided to pick up a new craft and purchased himself a Canon 5D and was invited to a local street race and recorded his first ever video.

As soon as he uploaded the video his feedback was amazing and he has not put down the camera since. 9 years later his videos are shared around the entire world and are viewed by endless viewers. His videos have been shared on major platforms such as 1320video, Street FX, Worldstarhiphop and many other car related outlets. He also has received a plaque from youtube for gaining 100,000 subscribers on youtube which was a huge accomplishment. Now he is working on obtaining 1million as his next major goal.He has made his passion for videography into a real career for himself. His next biggest project is to release a short film digital download that captures the life of a street racer. Tai Boogie is a street brand who captures 100 percent of the underground street culture through the perspective of his lens. His name continues to be shared each day around the world for his amazing content.


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