Tashell Williams has been making a positive impact throughout this pandemic even though it is inconveniencing small businesses. COVID-19 has not slowed down her determination one bit. Tashell is the founder of 2 businesses, a vegan based brand called “Cadence Taylor Organic Beauty” and her beauty salon “Euphoric Essence Salon”. Tashell stands for health, wellness and clean beauty. She is a survivor. Dealing with the loss of one of her lungs has really shifted her focus on the wellness of not only herself, but others. 

She states “Did you know the ingredients in most beauty products are toxic? Did you know the air inside of your home or business is more toxic than outside? If you know better, you do better!”. Absolutely, if more individuals were knowledgeable on this topic they would definitely take a second look at the ingredient labels on products. Tashell is a one lung survivor, mother, wife, salon owner, hair expert, public speaker, cert. wellness coach and educator. She dedicates her life to her work and bettering those in and around her community. After almost losing her life her mission became very clear. 

Tashell searched for ways to preserve her remaining lung and came across the long list of companies using toxic chemicals in their products and it became overwhelming. Henceforth creating “Cadence Taylor Organic Beauty”. She started with detoxing the toxicity in her environment and now focuses on purifying the body with clean products. Discontinuing the uses of harsh products not only help the body, but also the mind. On her website you can find a list of services she provides along with outstanding testimonials of her past clients. 

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