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Tay Butta: Learn Why He Is Impacting The Game



Tay Butta is a humble artist who deserves to be heard this year. If he is not on your playlist, he should be.

Tay Butta is an on the rise artist from Pittsburg, California. Tay Butta finds his musical inspiration from observing real life struggles and everyday life. His music has a pure west coast vibe to it. The way he blends west coast hip hop, soul and electronic music is magical. He blends the genres very well. His sound is authentic and raw. Tay Butta has recently released an album titled “Sixteenth Letter” and a single that proceeds the album titled ‘Whisper”. These projects are amazing. He really created something for his fans with this catalog. 

Tay Butta gets his musical inspiration from Mob Figaz. Mob Figaz is a bay area group founded by C-Bo in 1997. This group was very influential in the music culture. Tay Butta definitely shows a similar vibe. Although Mob Figaz is an inspiration, Tay Butta would love to collaborate with Lil Boosie. Boosie has a similar background and is just as real as they come. He is from the hood and can make music for everyone to resonate with. Right now during this pandemic with COVID-19 Tay Butta is staying busy and still creating. He is working on a new single called “Does It Matter”. This single is inspired by himself. His fans will really enjoy this release. Make sure you keep up with his journey and new releases.

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