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Terrell Green: An Innovative Influencer Who Makes The Most Of Social Media



This great individual from Fresno, California named Terrell Green is a Social media comedian, influencer and a published author. It’s 2021 and we’re all working from social media. Terrell started his career in 2015 after he dropped out of junior college due to the experience of seeing his best friend lose his life. He began making vines and skits from his iPhone which only worked on WiFi. He has learned that everything happens for a reason and good things come to those who are willing to be patient and being true to yourself is the best way to go. 

Terrell has done his job with great motivation and faith. He has never given up on himself and always gave his audience his all. He has come so far and has achieved so much. With gaining millions of followers on Facebook and publishing a book last year called, “Against All Odds” he really has been busy and very determined. This influencer has also worked with brands, gained 300k plus followers on Instagram for his reaction videos. 

Right now he is working with a brand that’s helping people cope with mental health issues during the pandemic! This pandemic has really changed some of our lives and caused some major setbacks, it’s great to see people like Terrell and the brand he’s working with shed some light in these hard times. “Follow your dreams, do what you love to do. We all have a purpose so I will advise people following my path to find their purpose in life and take action” says, Terrell Green.

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