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Texas-Based Musician Marietta Grant Has Another New Enchanting And Illusive Single Dubbed “By The Ocean



Marietta Grant is a progressive female artist whose craft is idiosyncratic and seamlessly blends influences from R&B, soul, pop, and hip-hop to create something truly rare. Over the time that she has been in the music industry, Grant has been able to collect a large and varied body of work demonstrating her diversity as she continuously expands her repertoire for the world to enjoy in the hope that her music may bring some comfort during the seemingly difficult times.

Her new single “By the Ocean” has been distilled for the rare occasions of seemingly romantic times. Having played it several times, I feel like this tune embodies uniqueness from start to finish. The production and mix are of high quality, as is the performance that complements them.

This is one of those tracks that is hard to place, largely due to its diverse features, and the way Marietta just eats the beats up with an equally powerful vocal presentation is why this is a must-have record in your playlist.

“By the Ocean” is one of those stunningly invented tunes that ingeniously blur the lines between pop and hip-hop. When you listen to Grant sing, it would be easy to say, for example, that she is rap-singing over the beats. This is an incomparable performance that makes this style feel like it has been custom-made for her only.

Going strong Marietta Grant set to release new single ,By The Ocean an Exclusive will be available on Apple Music presale on Itune on January 26,2023. This beautiful amazing  track is Destin to take a high turn in sales. Get ready fans and music lovers By The Ocean will make its presents,The track is full of love and passion. Marietta Grant is an American  singer songwriter , hiphop rapper that began her singing career in 2020. Collaboration with some of the most famous Icons rappers just to name a few Yukmouth from the Luniz, Sean Kingston , Young Buck from Unit

If you are tired of listening to the same old stuff on the radio every time, Marietta Grant’s music is a breath of fresh air. If uniquely entertaining had a face, I’d definitely point in Marietta Grant’s direction!

And now that you are itching to experience this dynamism, I’ll let you to it; follow the attached link to purchase this track and let us know what you think about it!



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