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Tez Vibes Is On The Rise



Cortez Ellison also known as Tez Vibes is an investor, partner, and advisor to 5 multi-million-dollar businesses. He operates online retail brands and is also known for angel investing in Philadelphia nightclubs, a private concierge service and many more ventures. In 2021, Cortez plans on enhancing his online retail brands and entering the health industry. He is such a good investor because of his extreme discipline, specific formulas, and good instinct on keeping up with the current generation. Cortez plans on helping more people break free from their bad habits and past to improve their quality of life. He also started his own company called We recently caught up with Tez and asked him a few questions:

When you started investing, how has your life changed?

Investing pretty much changed my life because it made me fearless . Learning to be more aggressive and take more risk can do you justice. I plan to continue making strategic moves aggressively

How do you think the COVID-19 pandemic altered entrepreneurship?

The Covid-19 pandemic made entrepreneurs really get to know who they were on a deeper level. The outside noise was muted and you finally got an idea to see what you were made of. The pandemic also challenged entrepreneurs mentally but only the strong survived. 

What current projects are you working on that we can expect in the future?

Currently working on multiple ecommerce brands.

What would you tell upcoming investors trying to make in the industry?

Staying consistent is honestly the most important part. Being able to stay focus even when things are not going correctly will help you the most . 

To keep up with Tez Vibes, you can follow him on Instagram @tezvibes.