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The Art of Seeing Through – Ismael Gabasau



The inspiration for music is as varied and individual as the people who make it. And Ismael Gabasau’s process is even more unique than most. His first creative discipline is abstract art, and his music is inspired by and reflects his journey through that art form. Therefore, this EP, The Art of Seeing Through, is the sonic representation of that visual process.

The four tracks here sit in a broadly jazz landscape, but, like his art, it is hard not to see the blends of sounds and musical hues that color and cascade through to create his signature sound.

If Sour and Sweet have a wonderfully lazy, understated soulful feel, Pumpkin Empanadas leans into a more Latin-infused Bossa Nova sound, a rhythm and vibe totally in keeping with his Mexican heritage. Deep Souls also has a vibrant Latin feel, busy and buoyant, energetic and gently euphoric, and Canvas is the perfect jazz-rock-pop crossover.

It’s a cool collection of music, unique and full of flavor, just like the art from which it takes its lead.

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Ismael Gabasau, singer-songwriter and painter, released his debut EP “The Art of Seeing Through”. The nature of his writing follows the trail of memories and emotions that are influenced by Jazz, Bossanova, and Funk. He writes songs that are about his way to go through life, his appreciation for nature, loving-kindness, and freedom. 

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