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The Face of Empathy is making waves in the world of art and spyware



Internet art may be developed in various forms of media, such as websites, software projects or games, streaming video or audio, and networked performances. The origins of internet art may be traced back to a wide variety of different art forms, including conceptual art, video art, performance art, telematics art, and kinetic art. Internet artists now have even more opportunities due to the recent proliferation of image-based social networking sites like Flickr. Internet art, commonly referred to as net art, is a new media art disseminated via the internet. This kind of art sidesteps the actual gallery and museum system, which has long been the dominant venue for displaying artwork. The observer is often coaxed into engaging in conversation or exchange with the work of art.

Outside the confines of the internet’s underlying infrastructure, some internet art providers may utilize the work of several net artists to produce their work. One such firm, The Face of Empathy, provides internet art that is interactive, participatory, and multimedia-based; however, these characteristics are not always required. Through human connection, art on the internet may be used to propagate a message, whether political or social. Internet art may also refer to the secret codes printed on various products. The founder of The Face of Empathy, Omri Opari, was the first to observe such art around him on multiple things, such as Apple products, Best Buy stores, and even a $1 bill. In the following paragraphs, let’s dive more into how The Face of Empathy was founded and how it makes a difference in spyware and internet art.

Founder’s curiosity

The Face of Empathy is a secret code in an art form that surfaced on Apple devices as a reaction to the Pegasus Spyware that NSO Group, an Israeli state entity, deployed. Omri Opari, the founder of The Face of Empathy and an artist, became aware of spyware installed on his laptop, although at first, he had no clue what he was looking at. Within the bookmarks area of his Safari browser, he saw that the typeface used for the Yahoo logo had the visage of an owl hidden beneath it. It brought to mind the one dollar note, on which, as he was aware, there was a secret owl tucked away in the upper right corner. When Omri went to the Apple shop, he saw the same hidden pictureon all iPads, iPhones, and Macs for sale there. After that, he proceeded to Best Buy, where he had the same experience.

The firm’s role in spyware and internet art

Omri performed a comprehensive search on Reddit to determine whether his 20/15 eyesight and acute awareness of minute details were unique, but he came up empty-handed. A couple of years passed before Omri decided to inform Apple executives of his findings. A few months later, on September 13th, 2021, a story came to Omri’s Google Alerts about Apple and the NSO Group, the creators of the Pegasus Spyware, which infected over one billion Apple products. At that point, Omri realized that he had discovered malware. This story motivated Omri to start The Face of Empathy. This educational and non-weapon Foreign Cyber Arms Artwork firm aims to bring attention to the superiority of American Engineering and the living ecosystem of Apple’s Operation Systems that was able to respond to being infected.


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