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The Fire of Struggle Blessed Jertaker to Rise to the Top



It goes without saying that the King of Collaboration, Jertaker, is no stranger to struggle. It is a fact that letting go of your fears and trusting yourself to achieve your dreams is a very different experience from struggling for them as you strive to achieve them.

As he explained through our interview, “ Nearly all, I had doubts, I had haters, I had no money, I had times where I didn’t have the drive. Times where I lost motivation, didn’t have any supporters and had to be my own hype man. I experienced so many struggles, but day by day they prove that they are all worth it. It’s a struggle.” Obviously believing in yourself, while your back is up against the wall, can be a challenging test for anyone to experience.

Having made the wise decision to make a collection of collaborations to bolster his career, Jertaker has endeavored to extend his music catalog, authority, and push his career forward in order to enhance the power of his music. It is true that many artists have a “Me Against the World,” attitude, but Jertaker is focused on building dope collaborations and being his own hype man in order to accomplish his larger goals.

He explained, “I’m the definition of diversity. I can do any genre of music, any style and any emotion. I became known as the King of Collaboration because of how many collaborations I do with other great creators and artists. I make the impossible possible. I also became known as the ultimate winner due to my immense winning streak.”

He follows his heart and trusts that the creative balance will take care of everything else while allowing his imagination to control his mental state. It is entirely up to you to see what the future holds, however The King of Collab believes that more connections equal more wealth, or as another wise man said, your network is your net worth.

His influences include Fetty Wap, Olivia Rodrigo, Halsey, Rick Ross, and more. With his eyes on the prize his focus is to put himself in a bigger and better position, while reflecting on progress he has made thus far. 

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