Greg Coverdale has always been a numbers guy. His love for strategy, numbers, and leadership is what has led him to run for Delaware State Treasurer. The State Treasurer is responsible for receiving, depositing, investing, and managing the state monies. When choosing an elected official, experience and education trump popularity. Greg Coverdale has a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in finance from Delaware State University, and he has worked as a Certified Financial Planner Professor of Personal Finance at Delaware State University, as a Financial Planner at Merrill Lynch, and even as a Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley. He has the skills, training, and leadership experience to put Delaware in the best financial position that it ever has been in. How does Greg Coverdale stack up to his opponents? Besides her experience as the incumbent Delaware State Treasurer, Greg’s opponent has a background in biology and healthcare. Greg is the clear front runner of this election, as he continues to use his financial background to explain his priorities for Delaware. Greg has been preparing and training for this moment his whole life. From working with the Delaware National Guard as a personal financial advisor to his Harvard Kennedy School U.S. Government credential, Greg Coverdale has the education and experience to lead Delaware into a financially successful period. Greg Coverdale wants to see Delaware prosper, and he wants to show his community what he’s learned over the past 20 years. Put your trust in Greg, and you won’t be disappointed. The election is on November 8th. Make sure you vote for Greg Coverdale. Learn more about Greg and his campaign at

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