Brace yourself for a groundbreaking musical revelation as two powerhouse producers, Hekler and Dabow, put their creative prowess to the test, remixing the chart-topping collaboration “Bands” by Bobby Blakdout and Dirty Audio featuring the legendary Gucci Mane. This remix is scheduled to make its highly-anticipated debut on July 28, 2023.

The original track, “Bands,” took the music industry by storm upon its initial release while charting across multiple platforms including #4 on the iTunes Top 200 US. Bands captivated audiences with its infectious bass, melodies, and verses from the acclaimed rapper Gucci Mane. Now, with the masterful touch of Hekler and Dabow, “Bands” is set to redefine the boundaries of electronic music and hip-hop fusion, raising the bar for remix collaborations across the industry.

Hekler and Dabow are renowned for their distinctive styles and innovative approaches to production, making them the perfect pair to breathe new life into “Bands.”  Hekler, known for his hard-hitting bass-heavy soundscapes and experimental flair, combines forces with Dabow, a visionary producer from Argentina celebrated for his unique blend of trap, future bass, and dubstep influences, which have crafted a remix that pushes genre boundaries and elevates the musical experience to new heights.

Bobby Blakdout and Dirty Audio, the masterminds behind the original track, have expressed their excitement for this remix collaboration. “We’re thrilled to see ‘Bands’ taking on a new form through the talents of Hekler and Dabow,” said Bobby Blakdout while he also commented. “Their unique soundscapes add a whole new dimension to the track, and we can’t wait for our fans to experience it.”

Don’t miss out on the Remix of Bands dropping 7/28/23 on Blak’d Out Records!

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