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The Importance of Good Lawyers!



Lawyers serve as society’s protectors and defenders.They safeguard our lives and our families as we earn our daily bread and butter. Directly or indirectly, lawyers have made awesome examples of aiding numerous people in need. Without lawyers to protect us from legal abuse, we’d be left on our own to navigate through laws that are hard to understand and ins-and-outs only an expert can grasp. Moreover, this honorable profession demands massive concentration and toil, becoming a lawyer is not as easy as it seems on TV.

We might wonder that something earned with extensive struggle must have great advantages. Undoubtedly, lawyers are of huge significance in society. They are responsible for maintaining and taking care of the fundamental elements of a community— Justice! Let’s have a look at the top five reasons why we cannot survive without lawyers.

  1. Complexity in Understanding the Law– one thing is undeniable: lawyers devote their lives to learning, researching, enforcing, and making laws. As a result, expecting any non-attorney to have the same level of expertise is unrealistic.If all the lawyers suddenly died, people would find it impossible to understand and learn laws. Justice would disappear and individuals would be manipulated or misguided easily.A lawyer is more than simply a solution to a problem, they can also help prevent problems from arising in the first place.
  • Promotion of Social Tranquility–Lawyers have an important role in promoting social peace. Their one way of doing this noble task is to apply the law in a way that acts according to the principles of fairness. By doing this, they provide people with a belief that they have a helping hand out there if they need any assistance as they pursue their life goals.

  • Human Protection—Let’s imagine the world without lawyers. You can’t defend yourself against charges or someone who is trying to hurt you with the law. There would be no one to make sure that all laws are followed. Thus, all the rules and laws would be meaningless, unable to protect humans. This demonstrate show vital lawyers are in society.

An advocate who is fulfilling his fundamental duty as a lawyer and has earned huge success through his constant hard work is Dauro Lohnhoff Dorea.

DAURO LOHNHOFF DOREA— HOW HE’S MADE WAVES IN HIS PROFESSION:Dauro has worked with national and international firms where his job was to advise them on their problems. He has also presented a vast number of cases to the Supreme Court. Dauro’s marvelous advocacy has made many companies across various sectors — including skincare, oil and gas, automotive, and electric power — trust him with their most important business issues.

The Brazilian Government hired Dauro to fight cases that were of huge importance. He has worked with the Russian Federal Ministry of Agriculture arguing that they should remove the ban on Brazilian beef export. In addition to this, Dauro had the opportunity to become the Legal Director of the Russian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. He holds the credit for the effective negotiation of lifting the Russian embargo on Brazilian cattle.

Dauro Lohnoff Dorea has undoubtedly achieved huge success and fame through his determination and persistence. It can be rightly said that Dauro is a remarkable lawyer and someone you won’t regret working with!

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