With the likes of Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner, and Kim Kardashian in the list of her celebrity fanbase, Nikita Karizma’s name is a brilliant play on what her brand is brimming with.

Her entire life has been a frenzy of fashion, beginning with her grandparents’ garment business, which has led to three generations of the Karizma charm working in various sections of the larger fashion industry. 

Nikita has a profound understanding of the inner workings of the fashion industry as a result of growing up in an environment where fashion is a family business. This is a benefit that not everyone who is interested in fashion design can enjoy. She exemplifies a Girl Boss, treating entrepreneurship not just as a part of her career but also as a pleasure and passion. Nikita’s enthusiasm for entrepreneurship benefits not just her personality but also her company. After all, it has gotten her some pretty big agreements in the production world.

However, it hasn’t been limited to that only. She has created a huge fanbase as well among Hollywood and Bollywood stars and has dressed a slew of big names from both industries. Christine Quinn, Saweetie, Rosalia, Megan Thee Stallion, Kriti Sanon, Shilpa Shetty, and Masoom Minawala are just a few to name. 

Her first big break came shortly after graduating from the London College of Fashion when she was chosen from the college’s profile pages to create and cooperate with the X-Factor team. Her graduating collection which featured buckles, PVC, contouring, and studs atop tiered layers of lace for a distinctly ‘punk’ appearance, was loved and admired at the 2011 finals when Amelia Lily and Little Mix wore it. 

With the X-factor fame as a building block to her designer brand ‘Nikita Karizma,’ she started to design fashion clothing for various celebrities one after another. The brand started to grow organically inside and outside London. Nikita today has studios in Los Angeles and London. She creates exquisite fashion collections which aim to empower women, uplift their stature, make them feel self-assured and beautiful, and shine the world with their appearances. 

From her late mother, who dressed up several Bollywood stars in London, Nikita learned how to use fashion and dressing as a tool to empower women and make them feel independent and self-assured. Nikita draws inspiration for her design process from the originality displayed by many British ladies when it comes to their personal style. 

She contrasts London’s well-known innovative fashion culture with that of other cities she visits frequently. “When I travel, I always look back and think about how women in London are so independent with their style,” Nikita shares, “Elsewhere, style can be so generic, so trend-led.” And generic is not Nikita’s forte; she and her team strive to add twists and intriguing features to everything they design to stand out amongst the competitive fashion world.

Nikita’s philanthropic endeavours are also hard to ignore. Her fashion brands donates a particular share from its profits to serve humanitarian causes, that includes but not limited to, ending homelessness, hunger and domestic violence. Wherever she travels, she meets organizations and offers her support. 
Her love for Mother Earth is substantiated from her collaboration with Love Peace Harmony Foundation to plant 1M trees. In just one year, they’ve been successful in planting 200,000 trees, a number that is still counting. If you want to support her in this initiative, simply open this filter on your Instagram and upload a picture. Each selfie of yours will see earth getting a tree!

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