Kaiju enthusiasts, brace yourselves for an epic throwback! Godzilla 2000, the classic Japanese monster film, is making a triumphant return to U.S. theaters for a limited engagement. In a move that has fans buzzing with excitement, Fathom Events is organizing special select screenings on November 1st, just days before the revered franchise’s 69th anniversary, affectionately known as Godzilla Day.

A Stomping Revival

Godzilla 2000 initially roared onto the silver screen in Japan back in 1999, serving as Toho’s response to the less-than-stellar 1998 Roland Emmerich adaptation. This release marked the beginning of a new era for the franchise, spanning until 2004. Interestingly, it stands as the sole film from the Millennium era of the Godzilla series to secure a U.S. release in the summer of 2000. This special screening is part of Fathom Events’ ongoing tradition of reintroducing past franchise installments to a new generation of fans, following this year’s successful showing of Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.

Directed by Takao Okawara, Godzilla 2000 unfolds as the titular King of the Monsters confronts an alien menace known as Orga, poised to unleash chaos upon Earth. In the face of humanity’s impending peril, Godzilla, Orga, and the citizens of Japan must unite for the ultimate monster showdown. As the movie prepares to grace the big screen once more, those who missed its initial release now have the chance to witness the colossal battles on the largest canvas possible.

A Darker Path Ahead for Godzilla

While the beloved King of the Monsters has thrived in Legendary’s MonsterVerse franchise, Toho has been relatively quiet on the live-action Godzilla front since 2016’s Shin Godzilla. However, the studio is poised to take the character back to his darker origins with the upcoming release of Godzilla: Minus One. This film, scheduled for a Japanese premiere next month and international expansion on December 1, remains shrouded in secrecy regarding plot details. What we do know is that it serves as a reboot and unfolds in post-war Japan, where the nation must grapple with the impending threat of Godzilla and the ensuing devastation. Until then, fans can revisit this classic installment when Godzilla 2000 graces theaters once more.

Get Your Tickets Now

Excitement is building as tickets for Godzilla 2000 are now available for purchase. This unique opportunity to witness the Kaiju legend on the big screen should not be missed.