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The King’s Man: Unveiling the Prequel’s Historical Significance



The Kings Man Sequel

Matthew Vaughn’s espionage franchise, The King’s Man, took an unconventional path to the big screen. Originally conceived as a TV series, it ultimately emerged as a prequel movie that delved into the origins of the secret organization dedicated to protecting the world. Let’s explore this unique journey and the upcoming installment, ‘The Traitor King,’ which will tackle the rise of Hitler and its eerie parallels to contemporary events.

A Shift in Plans: TV Series to Film

Matthew Vaughn, the visionary behind The King’s Man, initially envisioned the project as a television series, akin to ‘The Crown’ but infused with espionage and a Kingsman twist spanning different decades. However, he was convinced to transform it into a feature film.

Vaughn explained, “The King’s Man was originally meant to be a TV series, and I got persuaded to make it as a film.” This shift in format paved the way for the story of Orlando, an aristocrat played by Ralph Fiennes, who laid the groundwork for the espionage institution that fans would come to know.

The Prequel’s Narrative

Set in an earlier era than the main Kingsman films, ‘The King’s Man’ offered a unique perspective as it showcased how characters like Orlando and his son Conrad (Harris Dickinson) executed their missions without the high-tech gadgets available in contemporary spy tales. Orlando’s commitment to change the world through his spy network set the stage for the organization’s establishment.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘The King’s Man’ earned $126 million worldwide, affirming its appeal to audiences who appreciated its historical context and espionage intrigue.

‘The Traitor King’: A Glimpse into the Next Chapter

The franchise’s next installment, ‘The Traitor King,’ as confirmed by Vaughn, will delve into the rise of Adolf Hitler and the unsettling support he received from the English aristocracy. Vaughn described it as a story that needs to be recalled, emphasizing its relevance to current events.

Vaughn remarked, “So I was like, ‘well, that’s interesting,’ and how the world was worrying so much about Communism, that Fascism rose up. And I look at the world at the moment, everyone getting distracted and worrying about this and that, and if you worry too much about certain things, bad things can happen here. So it is a story that I think needs to be recalled. We’re calling it The Traitor King.”

The Future of The King’s Man Franchise

As for the format of ‘The Traitor King,’ whether it will become a television series or another movie remains undecided. Vaughn and his team are currently navigating this decision while managing other projects. Fans can also anticipate ‘Kingsman 3’ and an exciting reboot of the ‘Kick-Ass’ franchise in the pipeline.

In conclusion, ‘The King’s Man’ franchise has evolved from a TV series concept to a successful prequel film, offering a fresh take on espionage history. With ‘The Traitor King,’ the franchise continues to explore compelling narratives with a historical backdrop that draws eerie parallels to contemporary society.