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The Life Of Montyy Bankz



Montyy Bankz is an aspiring musician from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a very diverse artist. His sound caters to more of an aggressive and slightly melodic vibe. He makes music that is catchy and relatable to all listeners, but his music also shows his raw grittiness sound for the most part. Montyy is inspired by everyday people and the everyday hustle that comes with life. The daily grind of real life and seeing those around him that actually cared for his well being made him grind harder and smarter. Being a musician has opened his life up to a whole other set of opportunities that would not have been there if he decided not to pursue his passion.

Nevertheless the grind must go on. Musical trends change daily and keeping up with the culture is always a task within itself, but Montyy has no issues with catering to all vibes types of listeners. His goal is to make music that listeners can feel. He wants all listeners to channel his energy that he reflects on his music. His recent visual “Lay It Down” is an amazing video shot by Xmorphicxs Productions. The video did an amazing job capturing Montyy Bankz energy level and it looks like Montyy had fun shooting the video as well. His energy is definitely addicting and pure. He gets people out of their seats. Be sure you connect with this artist and check out his most recent releases and keep up with his journey. You will fall in love with his persona and aura.

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