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The Long-Awaited “Missed Call” by D. Denzel is finally here



The Official Cover Photo of Album Missed Call by Music Artist D. Denzel

Are you ready for another dose of D. Denzel’s precious music? As a fan, you must be tired of waiting for it. However, we bring good news. His promised song, “Missed Call,” is here, available on various music websites such as Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. Click here for the Spotify link.

The music is, as usual, written and composed by Denzel and contains his signature style of JUNGLE/JNGL MUSIC. Denzel has created a genre of himself for which his fans go crazy. This time he brings the beauty of love into the song lyrics, combining them with the exquisite beats of hip-hop in a soft style. The song begins when a girl leaves a voice message for her ex, stating that she misses him. At the end of the girl’s voice, D. Denzel expresses the feelings of her ex in beautiful rap words.

Denzel has always succeeded in winning the hearts of his audience with his amazing choice of words in rap. When he combines those words with the fine, flowing music beats, the listeners experience audio nirvana. One cannot get enough of Denzel’s music. This is why people keep waiting for his next drop.

Denzel’s way of expressing feelings and emotions in deep, meaningful words always amazed us. However, it doesn’t come to him just like this. Not many are aware, but Denzel has suffered a lot in the past since his childhood. Born in Brooklyn and grew up in Toronto, D. Denzel got separated from his mother at the age of 11 during 9/11. At the age of 14, his suffering continued when he had to travel a hundred miles on trains for school and had to sleep on stairs. Gradually, he lost all his friends as some of them died and some disappeared anonymously. Furthermore, he was enlisted into the military at the age of 17.

Official image of Musical Artist D. Denzel in a Purple Coat

After many years, our man discovered a way to channel all of his pain. D. Denzel started writing songs and composing music at the age of 26 to let someone hear him. And the world heard. He’s got fans in the millions as well as hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners. D. Denzel has delighted listeners with hip-hop, R&B, Soul, Afro-pop, Soca, Reggae, Reggaeton, and Dancehall.

To get more updates and more up-comings about D. Denzel, keep following him on Instagram @d.denzel.jngl. Till then, enjoy his latest song, “Missed Call.”


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