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The Making of the Rajah Marie’s “Five Days” Visuals



Rajah Marie recently released a single “Five Days” along with visuals. This video features Rajah Marie and Actor Boyfriend, portraying the death of a loved one. We see Rajah Marie interact with this character as if he is alive but are shocked when we realize he has departed. Rajah Marie describes the process of making this video as “weird and kind of funny” because she had to keep reminding herself that the Actor Boyfriend was not alive, Rajah Marie states, “There was a scene of us brushing our teeth and I only had one toothbrush for the shot, so when asked to provide another, I yelled ‘He’s dead’, Haha it was the only way to remind myself and stay in character”.

The video quality is amazing, and Rajah Marie goes through many emotions throughout from sadness to anger, paired with her cries on the chorus, the viewer gets a full experience while watching. “I wanted the viewers to know that the song can be interpreted in a million different ways, and this is just one”, “My manager Sole London came up with the idea to create our video based on a Landon Moss ‘Cherish Every Moment’ skit and it went super well with the lyrics and emotion of the song”.

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