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The Modern Generation Priest Of Bankey Bihari Mandir, Nitin Sawariya Goswami



Nitin Sawariya Goswami is a spiritual leader and the chief priest of the “Bankey Bihari Mandir,” the world’s most famous Krishna temple. He is also one of India’s most well-known spiritual leaders.

He was born and raised in Vrindavan and received his education and further studies at Mathura. After completing his studies, he began to spread spiritual awareness among the youth. What sets him apart from other Pandits or Pujaris in our country is his attempt to combine spirituality and modernity simultaneously, placing him ahead of many others.

Haridas Swami, a devotee of Lord Krishna, is reported to have built the Banke Bihari temple in the holy city of Vrindavan in the Mathura area in 1862. This temple is one of the city’s oldest shrines, and it is surrounded by thousands of tiny and large Krishna temples.

Nitin completely revamped the temple’s outdated system, giving all of the famous Banke Bihari Temple’s curriculums a fresh new look. He began the web-based Darshan of Bankey Bihari through his virtual entertainment. He shares all the most recent news on Bankey Bihari Temple, at the earliest on his virtual entertainment stages.

Nitin accepts that while there are rich narratives of otherworldliness to be found in supernatural quality, Gnosticism, profound, and a wide range of antiquated customs, current otherworldliness is something genuinely present day.

He is a firm adherent of Krishna Consciousness which appropriates shrewdness and information, which prompts the proliferation of affection, and it tends to be an extremely useful thing for all the current age, which is respected to be the country’s future.

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