Mattel, a renowned toy manufacturing company, recently introduced a special edition Mariah Carey holiday Barbie doll. Released on November 17, the doll quickly became a sought-after item, selling out within hours. This new addition to the Barbie Signature Holiday Celebration collection, adorned in a striking red gown, is inspired by Mariah Carey’s iconic 2019 music video for “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

A Glimpse into the Doll’s Features

The “Barbie x Mariah Carey Holiday Celebration Doll” stands out with its glamorous design. Mariah Carey’s Barbie doll is dressed in a dazzling red gown with a dramatic hem split, a ruched overlay at the hips, and a bold hem slit. Accessories such as a butterfly ring, silver earrings, and a microphone complete the ensemble, adding to its collector’s value. This Barbie doll is part of Mattel’s Barbie Signature line, which is known for higher-priced dolls targeted more toward collectors than children.

Mariah Carey: A Celebrated Artist

Mariah Carey, hailed as one of the best solo artists of all time, has an illustrious career marked by festive hits and chart-topping singles. Her song “All I Want for Christmas is You,” released in 1994, has become a holiday staple. In December 2021, this song achieved a significant milestone by being the first and only holiday single to be certified “Diamond” by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), denoting sales exceeding 10 million units in the United States.

Collector’s Interest and Market Response

The Mariah Carey Barbie doll, originally priced at $75, has already seen a surge in its market value. Following its sell-out on Mattel’s official website, Target, and Amazon, resellers on platforms like eBay and Amazon are offering the doll at nearly double its original price. This reflects the doll’s high demand among collectors and fans alike.

Mariah Carey’s Reaction

Mariah Carey expressed immense joy and a sense of fulfillment with the release of the Barbie doll modeled after her. In a statement, she shared her excitement, noting that having a Barbie doll in her likeness was a dream come true. Carey hopes that the doll will be a delightful addition to the holiday season for collectors and fans.

Mattel’s Continued Success and Innovation

Mattel has a history of releasing unique and highly sought-after Barbie dolls under its Barbie Signature line. The line includes collaborations with notable figures like Bob Mackie, the creation of the “Dr. Jane Goodall Barbie Inspiring Women Doll,” and the “Barbie Signature Ted Lasso Keeley Jones Doll.” Mattel’s innovative approach to doll design and its collaborations with iconic personalities like Mariah Carey continue to keep the brand at the forefront of the collector’s market.

For more information on the Mariah Carey holiday Barbie and other Mattel products, you can visit Mattel’s official website.