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The Real J.T.W. Drops a New Music Video to his song “LEECHES”



The Real J.T.W. with Soulburnin Records teams up with fellow rapper Heartless MLG with Money Loyalty Gang. This collaboration has been in the works for many months now. They’re happy to announce to the world their song “LEECHES” is finally here. Not only did they give the fans a song but also a music video. This song was produced by, Soulburnin Records. And the music video was directed by, Money Loyalty Gang.

The music video was shot in Utah and in California. Some of the scenes captured were in the streets and some scenes were shot in the music studio. Both of them brought strong lyrics and flow to back up the reasoning to why they made this song together. You could call this a diss track to anyone who’s ever doubted them. As both of them spoke on social media clarifying this one’s for the haters. We have just been told they’ll be working on more music together in the near future.


The Real J.T.W. has big plans to close out the 2023 year with dropping his second album titled “PAINFUL LIVING”. This album was produced by Soulburnin Records. No release date is confirmed just yet. But stay tuned as he plans to make a statement once again.

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