OlaBoss is a multi-talented musician born in Nigeria. He is best known for his work as a rap artist but also produces music under his name. He is an accomplished music producer. He believes he will spend the rest of his life in Austria as he moves from Nigeria. 

He has a broad awareness of the procedures involved in music production and has worked with several of the most well-known musicians in the country. His work has been featured on numerous albums. In addition, these subgenres greatly appreciate his passion for music work.

New Album

The title of his new record, which was only recently made available to the general public, is “Boss Up.” The title of the song is also the name of his album. By OLABOSS, this song was released on  June 17th, 2022.

The song’s name is “Boss Up,” and the message that it expresses is that we should always put our maximum effort into whatever it is that we are doing, even though the sort of labor that we are doing at the time may be different from what we are doing at the moment. Not only does this pertain to our jobs, but it also pertains to the rest of our lives. It is pertinent to whatever we are doing now, regardless of the activity.

You can purchase the album as it is made available to the public. 

Here is the song

Future Plans

He also has plans to release a song in the not-too-distant future, and in connection with that release, he will create a music video for the song. Only one other artist besides him contributed to the creation of the track that he ultimately decided to release.

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