Nothing is up-to-date like Instagram stories. It’s a feature that helps you quickly update your followers with photos or videos of your favorite moments and easily disappears after a period of 24 hours. It has an analytical that gives insight into who and how often it was shared, replied to, and viewed.

Although this is a great Instagram feature, the real issue dawns upon us when we need to look at someone’s stories without being seen. Perhaps, you said you were on an Insta-detox, or you did not want to contact the person. What is one way to keep up to date with them without having them notice your account lurking around? 

We have got the answer, and that is IgAnony – an Instagram Story Viewer. Breaking down the barrier between you and the account you’re curious about, this is a fantastic way to sneak about without being caught! Before you start your secret adventure, let’s break things down for you.

Third-Party Apps To The Rescue

Are you thinking of putting your 007 agent suit on and going on a mission to view stories in the absence of your personal Instagram account? Look no further because there are several apps out there that will be on the lookout while you snoop around on people’s public platforms. Instagram Story Viewer does not even require an account to be registered, you only need your target’s username, and you’re good for business.

If it’s too complicated for you, here are steps to get you started:

  • Hop on to the Instagram Story Viewer site of your choice and get your ammo ready.
  • Next, you must type down the Instagram account’s username and click enter to begin the process.
  • Allow the page to load slowly while redirecting you to your target’s public Instagram account.
  • Once you are on it, you can scroll down through the account to discover their stories and play each one directly.
  • Furthermore, there will be a button that allows you to download whatever you want without letting the person know.

What Is The Service Cost?

Everything good in the world is free, and this applies to IgAnony as well. It comes packed with unique advantages, like non-discretionary usage, like the freedom to view any story with no log in requirements. You need not create a new account to access the content you’re searching for either, and it’s easily compatible with any system you choose.

With all the benefits it comes with, it’s quite a shock that the service is very handy and gratis! You can enjoy all the features it provides, whether it’s viewing posts and stories incognito or downloading content without paying a cent. The one thing you need to know is it does not support viewing accounts with a privacy lock on them. 

Despite this, you can still quench your curiosity if it’s a public Instagram account. So why don’t you give it a shot and browse through your checklist of accounts? Your hands will soon be cluttered with treasure, while Instagram Story Viewer remain anonymous, and acts like an invisible cloak that protects your identity from being known.