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The Song Trending Topic by Canadian Artist/Songwriter



TheFriend might just be the next Hot Topic. The Track boasts catchy hooks and a variety of flows to encapsulate those moments remeniscing when you’re feeling yourself to the fullest. Whether on the road or at your usual hangout somedays you just bring it. The Toronto based Artist has enlisted the help of Young Taylor for the production and is on pace to hit 1M views on Spotify next month.

“I wokeup the next morning after a night out with friends and sat down on the couch with my dog and was cycling through beats, i could tell he was vibing with this one when he started rolling on his back so just started flowing and was in the studio a few hours later. I typically enjoy writing after events or lots of stimulus as it captures a lot of emotions live. Also the next morning i find the mind is more calm with associations and not oversaturated like you would be mid day…”

The track has a yet to be released music video as well as an animated music video on Youtube. The Artist is planning to release the video at 1M streams and is gearing up for his debut EP titled “ Car Songs” early 2023. Trending Topic won’t be on the EP however we’re excited to see what the new artist has instore.

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Attached below is the email to contact TheFriend for any artist/songwriting collaboration.

Email: Lyricsbymaestro@flywithakki

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