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A Legend before becoming one is something Cyffa Leyenda has accomplished for a decade now. CYFFA stands for Change Your Future For Achievement and LEYENDA means legend. At 3 years old the Virginia-Native was adopted into a wealthy strict household. Straight out of High School Cyffa Leyenda signed with Alisha “M’Jestie” Brooks (Song Writer of RIHANNA Pon De Replay & more. His parents invested $1,500 into his career and saw no money was coming in so started telling him get into the military but Cyffa wasn’t really feeling that. After a year and half Cyffa was released off the label because M’Jestie felt he was going to be much bigger. A month later one of Cyffa’s friends sends him a flyer for dancers in Michael Copon Studios for their artist music video Vickie Jade in Chesapeake, Virginia. Cyffa is the type to see an opportunity and take it so he went. He freestyle dance so when the beat played he was ready and choreographed in his mind what he was going to do and he did it. Michael was shocked better yet gave him his cell to link with him. After auditions Cyffa was one of the dancers choosen and the next day Michael had the shoot. On youtube if you type Michael Copon Studios Vickie Jade “Walls” you’ll see Cyffa in red on the left side. After that day Cyffa linked with Michael one on one to see what Michael was getting into next. “We sat down and he was smiling said hey Cyf how doing man? (cool guy). In his studio he has classic posters on the wall of the movies he starred in like (Scorpion King 2, Bring it On: In It to Win It, Power Rangers Time Force, CSI: MIAMI “Walter Leeson Episode: Head Case” & more. I felt like I was in hollywood lol. But the main important thing i remember him saying before we never linked again was he said man your dope im not going to tell you what your going to become im going to let you figure it out. Still till this day i remember that and keep striving to find my purpose”- Cyffa. When Cyffa grew a little older his expectations did not go along side his parents in result he was kicked out at 18. In 2015 Cyffa opened up for Rah Digga at Shakas Live bringing an enormous amount of energy through-out the crowd. Later on that year Cyffa performed at S.O.B’s “Where Legends Are Made” in Manhattan, New York City. During this time Cyffa was going house to house to survivie. This was paid trip, paid luxury hotel, food provided and Backstage access free from the founder of the LiveWire Ent. This was Cyffa’s first time in NYC and lived it like a star. 2018 Cyffa had hit single ran 150k streams on soundcloud and not to mention opening up for Megan Thee Stallion. Cyffa drew 100k people on his Instagram the day of the show. Cyffa was able to meet Megan, took a pic and connected with her manager. 2019 Cyffa was a dancer in one of TEK’s featured music video.YES TEK! from (Swiff N’ Wessun). Today Cyffa has released his new single “Fineto” with Dela Wesst “Famous Tik Toker with 400k followers” (Prod. YoungFrenchy808 & Its64boy) Distributed by Empire which was reposted by FAT JOE on Instagram. In 2020 Cyffa has been featured in Respect Magazine, WFMK FOX34 NEWS, WBOC TV, & more. Next summer 2021 Cyffa plans on releasing a huge EP with mainstream artist tap in THIS IS HUGE!